Assignment 8

For my personal work, website, business cards, invoices, etc. my approach is to use one fond to keep it consistent and recognizable. I like simple fonts, no curvy end, elaborate lines. I want it to be easy to read, wether the font is small or thin. I do not really like many handwritten imitations in type, my thought is if you want it to be hand written then hand write it. For my promo cards, I use a simple, old stamp looking font to give it analog feel, since I am mostly an analog photographer. I custom made an actual stamp and apply my info manually, which may seem unnecessary to some, but make sense to me.

For this assignment, I tried to use what I am “uncomfortable“ with as much as possible. To begin with Illustrator is uncharted territory for me, but by the time I was working on the second (master)piece, it became much easier. I really liked the little twist in the assignment, to use the same text for both pieces.

The first version is image heavy, I hope a viewer can understand what it is about without reading the text.

The second is text oriented, I used the fonts and colors that I thought illustrate the words better. Like white, orange and yellow are colors of cheese, the blocky font looks like a piece of cheese. The worms are brown and wiggly. I struggled to come up with the appropriate background, it seems empty and scattered to me. However, when I tried different colors and textures, it would get too busy and take away from the text. So I added a frame, to keep all the elements together.

Artboard 1.png